Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Making of a Governance Anti-Pattern?

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Todd Biske has an entertaining post that may form the beginnings of a Governance Anti-Pattern creatively named Dilbert’s Guide to Governance. With amusing flair and a reference to a Dilbert cartoon, he asserts:

"If the only way someone knows whether the decisions they make are right or wrong is by attending a meeting and hoping someone with authority (if they even know who that is) agrees with them, that’s not good governance, albeit it is governance."
Related to my recent post on governance and goodwill, Todd captures an important aspect of the IT Governance practice: capability development. He points out that Governance is about "people, policies, and processes, in that order," and goes on to remind us that the processes we develop should be designed to motivate the organization for continuous improvement. Be sure to check it out.

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Todd Biske said...

Thanks for the comments Brian, I appreciate the plug.