Thursday, May 31, 2007

Get it in Gear - Google Gears

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Scott has a nice piece on Google Gears - Google's recent move to bring local-storage and offline capabilities to web applications.

"Stunning move by Google today in the Rich Internet Application space. While most of us (myself included) are off debating Flash vs. Silverlight vs. Apollo vs. Whatever, Google introduces Google technology all of the above (or none of the above) can utilize...

This is a huge move and is quite brilliant. In one seemingly innocuous move (and one tiny 700k (yes, 700K) download) Google is well positioned to get Google Docs, including Writely, Spreadsheet and Presentation, along with who knows what else, enabled for offline use. And the whole thing is Open Sourced via the New BSD License."
This is gonna get good.

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Frank Kelly said...

I think Google have got the right idea (use the existing web infrastructure) rather than create some whole new RIA platform with the ever-present issues over deployability, security, backwards compatibility etc.